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Innovation in times of adversity.

Like so many other businesses around the world facing a precarious situation in the wake of COVID-19, Toolangi cellar door is adapting to meet the new challenges as fast as we can. We find it truly inspiring, hearing the stories of how companies and people alike are innovating as quickly as possible. It is remarkable what we are all capable of when we set our mind to something.

And so…. We are evolving. We will still be here on the other-side. Find out more about how we are innovating in these adverse times. Thank-you for your support.

Unlike many places who are limiting the supply of wine due to increasing demand, Toolangi has plenty of wine to go around. Order your supplies directly from the winery and we will deliver it personally if you are Melbourne or Yarra Valley based, or via Australia Post.

Toolangi Vineyard's 2020 Focus.

  1. To look after our team.
    Ensure as many of our staff as possible retain their employment. Offer as much emotional support as we can to the people who make us great. Re-skill our staff to meet the new demands and support working from home models wherever possible.
  2. To look after our community
    Help to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our community. Provide contactless wine delivery to those self-isolating.
  3. To stay positive and spread the love
    Being kind is free. We are lucky and thankful to be a part of a community who is spreading such joyous messages of solidarity and support, who values innovation in times of adversity. We will pay it forward.