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Toolangi Vineyard

Toolangi Vineyard

Situated in the northern Yarra Valley sub-region of Dixons Creek, our vineyard is a fraction warmer then the southern Yarra Valley regions. We grow Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Shiraz vines on a mixture of own roots and rootstocks. The original plantings were done in 1995 with additional plantings in 2001 and the vineyard is managed with a sustainable and holistic approach. Kaspar and the team work to keep the vines in optimal balance for each season. Shoot thinning is used to improve air flow through the canopy and optimise ripening, minimal spray intervention to foster the natural ecosystem in the vineyard and mulching under-vine maintain soil biodiversity.

Soil: Very fine silty clay loam topsoil, with richer clay silts in the sub-soil. The soil is restrained in elements which helps to create a balance between vine vigour and fruitfulness.

Climate: Cool climate (although fractionally warmer then the southern Yarra Valley regions) with moderate to high rainfall and humidity.

Aspect: Undulating slopes with northern to north westerly facing rows and blocks designed to channel air flow and drain excess water.

Vines: A mixture of own rooted plantings and rootstock. Chardonnay clones: I10V3 and Mendoza. Pinot Noir clone: MV6. Shiraz clone PT23